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Art Salon de H Gallery

Art gallery Yeouido - Seoul

What does the gallery name 'Art Salon de H' mean?


Salons in France in the 17th and 18th centuries were places where aristocratic wives invited art and cultural figures to their drawing rooms to talk, discuss, and share culture and art. In this way, I hope that Art Salon de H will become an open space where people who love art talk about art, gives people a little comfort and peace, and be an open space of hope for artists.

H is a silent sound that reads 'Ash' in French pronunciation. It is the first letter of my name, Hyesuk, and the first letter of History. It contains the desire to enjoy art for a long time by putting the history of art lovers and artists in the gallery.

KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-05-08-12-25-55 003.jpeg
아트 살롱 드 아씨의 Duo Exhibition 

In 2024, Art Salon de  H will hold four < Duo Exhibition > as the second project of the gallery.

Part 1. 몸으로 피우다 2024.1.23-2.21

까미박( Camille MERCANDELLI-PARK),박우정
Part 2. 점점점 다다다 2024.2.27-3.27
허욱, 방은겸

Part 3. 종이의 꿈/2024. 4.2-4.30 신현숙, 위영혜

Part 4. 두거장의 대화/2024.5.2-6.2 곽수영, 임동락

logo project part 2.png
두거장의 대화 poster-min.jpg

On view

< 두 거장의 대화 Bilatéral >
곽수영 작가와 임동락작가

2024.5.2 - 6.2

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