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Camille Merchandelli-Park 까미박

Born in France in 1979, Camille Mercandelli-Park lives and works in Ivry sur Seine near Paris. Beau-Arts de Valence) Human and Nature, Fascinated by life and biological death, he received a DNAP (Law of Art in Formation), a master's degree in visual arts from the 8th University of Paris, and developed his artistic course.
Currently, she continues her creative activities as a visual arts teacher in the Department of Pediatric Oncology.  After traveling to Korea several times, she is influenced by Korean nature and orientalization, expanding to drawing, ceramics, and recently lacquering.

Living ones have strongness and weakness in them at the same time. Cami is on the journey of bringing life to the sheep's castle and finding beauty. In her work there are elements of the position of man in nature (or the position of nature in humans)','the coexistence of reality and imagination. The characters in the work of the blackmail writer become different beings by natural products such as moss and coral reefs. It seems as if the subjects in the imagination are leaving traces of time by the nature of reality. 
For Camille Mercandelli-Park, the act of painting is similar to the organic process, and the paper surface becomes a tool to reflect the new transformation of painting.

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개인전 (solo show)

2022.   Applesun,Banana.moon,place mak,seoul 
2022.   Apple salon,tteart_gallery,seoul 
2019.   Ban.ana&applc.gallcry lifc.scoul 
2018.   Apple salon,space66,seoul 
2017.   Apple ilho.seoul 
2016.   Apple salon.scalatiurn art space.seoul 
2016.   Apple is.seoul 
2008.   Hot tropical velvet incubator,seoul
2007. The mixed gid,art space miccle,seo

​단체전 (group show selection)

2023.    The preview sungsu, s factory, seoul 
2022.    Srnooth spacing. gallery hoho, scout 
2021. and Ar"t Museurn,Ikh-art rnuseurn, gw,ang-ju 2019. sweet soapbubble, space m. seoul 
2019.    golden mind66,koganccho bazaar, yokoharno 
2019.    EMAP.{be,colorcd).ewha university, seoul 
2019.    12-24,space illi, seoul 
2018.    The energy of the spa clock,dm village, zeoul 2017. Drawing ptu-ty,zpacc one, !:.coul 
2017.    Total Support,tot.:il museum, seoul 
2016.    Artist lunch box, seoul museum of art, scout 
2015.    Another look, Dgb gallery, Daegu
2010.     Diaporama, lipo gallery, tokyo 


2022      Residence artistique, Art Lab wasan, Jeju, Korea 
2022      Workshop “laque”, Fondation d’entreprise Francès, Senlis, France
2018     Ottchil Art Museum Residency Program, Tongyeong, South Korea
2018     ARS grant for “Culture in hospital”, ( artistic intervention with the Rodin Museum), Paris 

Collections : 1900-2000 Gallery, Olivier Nouvellet Gallery, Paris
Private collection :  France, Italy, South Korea.


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