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Kwak Soo Young & Lim Dong Lak
May 2nd - June 2nd 2024

Duo Exhibition < Part 4 of the Art Salon de H Gallery >  

< The conversation between the two masters > is a duo show exhibition of sculptor Im Dong-Lak and painter Kwak Soo-young, who have built their own art world in France and Korea, with three-dimensional modern sculptures of metal and medieval Gothic Catholic cathedrals motifs. One painting contrasts with each other. As the works of these two masters communicate with each other, the inner world represented in one space will be a very interesting exhibition.  

​곽수영 Kwak Soo Young

Kwak Son Young's Painting < Voyage Immobile >. From the inside of the cathedral to the light pouring from both sides, sometimes we get elastic. Red  light in the furnace, afternoon light pouring over the golden palace, turquoise leaking from the dark jungle..

The light and color created by Kwak Soo-young is mysterious and majestic. In the monetization of the paintings of Kwak Soo-young with the godliness and tranquility of the cathedral, the energy and power from colors and techniques is primitive. Made by iron scraped marks and floats, the <Matiere> is only evidence of the performance of Kwak Soo-young.

He is the leader of the floating journey <Voyage Immobile> and through his work we travel to the abyss of light.

Kwak Soo-young graduated from the Department of Painting at the Hongik University and moved to France from the mid-1980s to earn a master's degree in formative art at the Sorbonne 8 University in Paris. 

Korean art took root in France, including the opening of the co-creation atelier with the founding hover of the Sonamu association, a rebound artists association. He also showed his own unique painting world on various international stages, including Paris and New York. As the artist turned the subject of the work into light, the expression of the'Gothic Cathedral', an architectural form that most importantly draws the outside light inside.

His unique way of working goes through the process of overlapping 15 layers of water with a brush and scraping and peeling with iron on a thick surface.

임동락 Lim Dong Lak
Lim Dong-rak graduated from the Hongik University Art University Department and Graduate School, and as a representative sculptor of Korean art, he quickly broke the importance of environmental art and successfully provided art in formative form to the urban environment. He has pioneered his own way of communicating with the world pioneering by introducing computers early in his passion as a sculptor and exploration of humans and cities. He has also successfully led cultural events such as the International Biennale and the International Sculpture Symposium, and has contributed to the globalization of Korean art through a hearty role in international cultural exchange.
임동락은 현대적인 재료인 스테인레스 금속과 석재를 이용하여, 활성적인 생명이 탄생하고 성장하는 듯한 추상형태의 조각을 주변의 공간과 조화롭게 구현해 낸다. 인간의 삶과 복잡한 현대 도시 사이에서 더 나은 삶의 쾌적함을 조형적 창출을 통하여 새로운 공간을 제시한다. 시대적 변화에 대응하면서 아날로그적 방식에서 디지털 방식으로의 전환을 통하여 한층 발전된 예술개념을 전개하는 그는 “point”라는 명제로 연작을 제작하면서 순수한 조형적 요소를 확대하는 작업을 이끌어 낸다. 하나의 개체가 모여 전체를 이루고 전체가 하나가 되는 “프렉탈” 이론을 바탕으로한 조형세계를 탐구한다.  
임동락은 “나는 빛과 공간을 조각한다” 그리고 “심성(心性)의 치환, 중도(中道)의 모색이 내가 추구하는 작품세계”라고 말한다. 그의 작품은2006년 프랑스 라 데팡스 광장에서의 초대전시를 계기로 “Point-Growth” 작품이 영구설치 되었으며, 네덜란드 EDE시내 중심가에도 영구설치 되어있다.
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