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About Art salon H Gallery

Our Story

On June 8, 2023, Art salon de H and Paris Friends exhibition will be held as an Art Salon de H opening project.
This exhibition is a special exhibition introducing Korean artists who are currently active in France.
Lee Hye-sook, CEO of Art Salon de H, studied the contemporary art market at IESA University in Paris for the past three years.
After receiving a master's degree in art market, she started her journey as a gallerist while staying in Paris.
Actively interacted with artists who were demonstrating their competence in Europe, and opened Art Salon de H, holding six exhibitions.
This Art Salon de H opening project is a world-wide extension beyond France, with artists, sculptors, photographers. The works of 9 printmakers will be presented.

This exhibition is the financial center where the Pompidou Museum will be located in 2025.
It will serve as an opportunity to open a new window on art culture in Yeouido and expand the artistic topography. also It will be an opportunity to experience the power and beauty of art in a more diverse way.

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