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Ko Song Hwa has lived in France for 36 years. The artistic trait of

Ko Song Hwa is undeniably recognizable by the rigour of the lines that together form waves from the earth and the sky. Her artistic line can be found in the Dansaekhwa movement translated as «one color». Thus, the artist is interested in monochrome and explores in her paintings the vibration of light under a minimalist representation. On a thick layer of paint, the artist meticulously repeats the same scratching gesture in order to make appear a succession of lines forming circles. We can see a discreet metaphor of the circle of life that follows us throughout our existence. These circles have neither beginning nor end and take us with them in an infinite cycle.



PhD Mathematics, University of Paris I, Sorbonne (Paris, France)
Graduated from Sorbonne Paris 1 University Doctoral Preparatory Course (Paris, France)
Graduated from Hongik Graduate School of Western Painting (Seoul, Korea)
Engraving Studio Mathematics (Paris, France)

solo exhibition

Biography of the oppressed, Tele Communisson (Nohden, Germany)
Blood pressure (FIAP). (Paris, France)
Gallery Lemière (Nanterre, France)
Burce Hospital (Paris, France)
Pompidou Hospital (Paris, France)
Gallery Beaux Arts (Paris, France)
Hangaram Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)
Dongho Gallery (Seoul,)
Gallery Ceresta (Seoul)
Patio Saint-Mande City Hall (Saint-Mande. France)
Raemian Gallery (Seoul)
Manha Art Museum (Beijing, China)
Espace Macadam (Montroy, France)
Espace 60 (Montroy, France)
30 times including 89 Gallery (Paris, France)

group exhibition

1989  Noel de Ah (Gallery haute oe. Paris)
- 136bad5cf58d_  han. Daily Exchange Exhibition (Ida Art Museum, Japan)
1990    Arde La Côte d'Age (Cannes. France)
1990    Nouvel Plaque (Korean Cultural Center, Paris)
1990    Salon do Tone (Grand Palais, Paris)
1991     Euro Expansion (Montorois, France)
1992     Salon de Mai (Grand Palais. Paris)
1993     Koreans in Paris (Gallery Choi. Seoul)
1994     Gallery Area (Paris)
1996     Gallery Sylvie (Paris, Daegu)
Blood pressure biography (Paris )
1996      Korean Artist Exhibition (AFCAC, Paris)
1998     Korean Art Exhibition (Korean Cultural Center, Paris)
2000    Art 10 days ago (Montroy. France)
2001     Espace Lapperose (Paris)
2002    Gallery des Arts (Pendane. France)
Exhibition (Gallery Claude Dorval. Paris)
2004     Pine Tree Exhibition (Korean Cultural Center, Paris)
2004     Realite Nouvel (Floral Park, Paris)
2005     Pine Tree Exhibition (Korea Foundation Cultural Center. Seoul)
2006     Futier (Montparnasse Museum, Paris)
2007     Futier (Bach Le Duc. France)
2008     Dreams of a Summer Day (Gallery 89. Paris)
Heb Dowat (Gallery Grand Etèchna. Paris)
Five Senses (Espace Shank Etoile. Paris)
Personal exh
ibition (Gallery 89. Paris)

2005    Pine Tree Exhibition (Korea Foundation Cultural Center. Seoul)
2006    Houtier (Museum Montparnasse, Paris)
2007    Futier (Bach Le Duc. France)
2008    Dreams of a Summer Day (Gallery 89. Paris)
hiv dowat (gallery Grande Techna. Paris)
Five senses (Espace Shank Etoile. Paris)
Five People Exhibition (Gallery 89 . fly)
2009    Festival d'Ach (Espace Sanctuary. Paris)
Paris.LA.NY Former (Korean Cultural Center in L.A. USA)

2010   New Year's Exhibition (Gallery Grand et Techna, Paris)
Jae-Bul Contemporary artist Invitation Exhibition (Korean Cultural Center Poland, Poland)
2011    Student dormitory construction fundraising (OECD, Paris)

Korean Artist Exhibition (Qingdao. china)
Hibiscus-sakura biography ( Grande et Techna, UNESCO. Paris)
2012   Pine 20 years ago (Ara Gallery, Seoul)
Apple Festival City Hall. France)
Opening of the bee (gallery Sufull. Paris)
2013   sharonflower-narcissus (Gallery Europe. Paris)
SONAMU GS (gallery painter Rique, Ivry, France)
Exhibition (Gallery Pong Desach, Paris, France)
Line Art (Gallery 89, Paris, France)
Coexistence and Sharing of Japanese Cultures (Espace Behtan Poiret, Paris, France)
Country of Yangpyeong, Yangpyeong Art Museum (Yangpyeong, Korea)
SONAMU GS (gallery site Des Arts International, Paris, France)
2015   Interchange of senses (Gallery Cité des Arts, Paris, France)
2016   Find the line (Gallery Souple, Paris, France)
Realite Nouvel (Park De Floral, Vincennes, France)
SONAMU GS (Espace Seum, Seoul, Korea)
Green color Society, Seoul, Korea)

Abstract and Figurative Exhibition ( Gallery Grand et Tekna, Paris, France)
2017   Realité Nouvelle (Park de Floral, Vincennes, France)
Natural embolism (color society , Seoul, Korea)
Constriction Time Again (Center Bastille Design, Paris, France)

2018   vibrashon (Gallery Abstrak Pouget, Paris, France)
Whoo Gallery, Art Paris Lanceise Levinec (Grand Palais, Paris, France)
La Mahz O Castle Tre (Ecole des Huies, Wilgoat, France)
Art Elysee, Whoo Gallery Lansworth Levinec (Champs-Elysées, Paris, France)
Christmas colorful (gallery France and Levinec. Paris. France)

embolus (color society, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea)
Liver (pine rotation) (Bastille Design Center, Paris, France)
Invitational Exhibition by the Arts Council of Monaco, Art Space (Monaco)
2019   Interlas, Dakshina Citra (Chennai, India)
Spring and autumn international exhibitions, Color Society (Seoul)
SONAMU , Bastille design Center (Paris, France)
2020  The 7th Cheongju International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shema Art Museum (Cheongju, Korea)
2020  Villa de Parnell Art Show, Villa de Parnell (Yongin, Korea)
2021   Korea, Japan Print Exhibition, 89 Gallery (Paris, France)
Rainbow, Color Society ( seoul)
Embolus, Design Society ( China, Seoul)
SONAMU Exhibition, Korean Cultural Center (Paris, France)
SONAMU Exhibition, 24 Beaubourg (Paris, France)
2022   3 person exhibition, Gallery Ange (Paris, France)
Men of the Sun, Méjondah (Vacarez, France)
Black and Emoji Gallery 5 (Paris, France)
International Exhibition, Color Society (Seoul, Korea)
2023    Korean Art Festival, Saint-Mande City Hall (Saint-Mande, France)


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