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Jeung Hyun
<바람의 꽃 Fleurs de vent> 
Novembre 9th - December 9th, 2023
Resonance Vegetale 5D30075 Ink & Gouache on Photography, 70x100cm, 2024.png

Resonance Vegetale 5D30075

Ink & Gouache on Photography, 70x100cm, 2024

The "Fleurs de vent " exhibition by Jeung Hyun, will be held from November 9th to December 9 at the Art Salon de H gallery in Yeouido.  The artist who has been active in France for more than 30 years, explore a modern interpretation of woodblock prints, The title of "Flower of the Wind (Fleurs de vent)" was taken from the title of Jeong Hyun's solo exhibition held at the Print Art Museum in Grablin, France from March to August this year. Inspired by the changing seasons and the reblooming of flowers, she delicately expressed the beauty of nature in her sculpture language. In Europe, where Japanese and Chinese printmaking has been the mainstream of Asian printmaking, Jeung Hyun has been drawing attention by freely interpreting Hangul, and by looking at the nature through pure printmaking, showing various forms of printmaking and expression.

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 6.23.13 PM.png

After growing up in Korea, she moved to France and passed her doctoral thesis about the study of the margins of prints " Le corps du Vide dans la grave " in 2001 at the Arts plastique of the University of Paris 1. She studied with Jean-Pierre Pincemin at Beaux-Arts in Paris and explored Chinese woodblock prints in Beijing. Her work on engraving is not seen as a reprint, but as a one-on-one production of uniqueness and overlapping colors to secure the depth of space. She applies the singularity of the painting to the engraving, which evokes poetic sensibility to the viewer.

Camille Park, Portrait of Elisabeth d’Autriche,

ink & gouache on photography, 21.5 x 31.5 cm, 2018

까미박의 남편이자 프랑스로 유학가서 활동하는 한국인 사진작가 박우정은 이상적인 미에 대한 갈구를 통해 바라본 인간 사회의 부조리함에 관한 작업 Dr Park’s Clinic, Plastic Lovers 를 진행해 왔다. 팬데믹 격리기간 동안 시작한 정물 작업에서 “작지만 큰”, “사소하지만 의미가 있는” 존재의 의미를 꽃을 이용하여 은유적 Métaphore 으로 표현하고 있다

이 두 작가의 작업에는 “자연 속에 인간의 위치 (혹은 인간 속에 자연의 위치)”, “현실과 상상의 공존”이라는 요소가 있다. 까미박 작가의 작업 속의 인물들은 이끼, 산호초와 같은 자연적 산물들에 의해 다른 존재가 되어간다, 마치 상상 속의 피사체들이 현실의 자연에 의해 시간의 흔적을 남기는듯하다. 그리고 박우정 작가의 꽃들은 마치 삶이라는 무대 위에 선 인간의 모습 같기도 하다.

Nature Morte 5D30003 Photography on Fine Art Paper 50x70cm, 2019, ed.5.png
Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 6.12.32 PM.png
Park Woojung, Nature Morte 5D30003
Photography on Fine Art Paper 50x70cm, 2019, ed.5
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