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Ko Song Hwa
고송화 <Les ondes 파동>
June 8th - July 8th, 2023
9- Les ondes, Huile sur toile, 60 x 120cm, 2022 (40호).jpg
12- Les ondes, Huile sur toile, 30 x 60cm, 2020 (10호).jpg

Our first invited artist at the gallery, Ko Song-hwa, has been working as an art teacher in middle school for 36 years since she finished her master's degree in Western Studies at Hongdae due to his thirst for learning. The author's series of "les Ondes" is freed from restraint and has the condition of being informal through the paradox of tension and relaxation that uses the existence of an unlikely coincidence as a perfect line.
In the waves of colors and lines (Les Ondes), the artist proposes a pictorial approach to a world with abstract sounds like an echo's play, the equivalence of music and painting in a visible form. The writer says that I was completely immersed, “I emptied myself and felt free in the infinite world of waves that can take us into the infinite world.” If the world is made up of all things about abstraction, we may be repeating flow and awakening through the transition of various senses with unpredictable waves, as in the work of the artist Song Hwa.

Ko song hwa exhibition.jpeg
The artist's notes

" I chose the subject of waves, using a technique that I had practiced and worked on for a long time, calligraphy, painting and engraving. I was fascinated by the many lines extending from point to point, emitting light, like waves.
Through the spectrum of sunlight, one can see a mysterious rainbow color depending on the wavelength, which is the vibration of light, and the wavelengths of piano strings, guitar and violin become a beautiful melody. Concentrating on the spirit of the painting, drawing delicate lines with a brush, and scratching and scratching carefully, I came to put everything spiritual into it... Sometimes it became the sea, sometimes the land , sometimes the sky. I became completely immersed, emptying myself and feeling free in the infinite world of waves. I believe that light and sound have been transformed into a spiritual wave, not a material one; and that they can take us to an infinite world." Ko Song Hwa


"The hard labor to complete a work is the process of sublimation, which is finally achieved by emptying and emptying the space"

On the thick solid canvas there are a lot of geometric lines. The unfolding and binding are like variations of freedom and tension that arise between the soul and the gap between existence. It is the process of sublimation that finally arrives by emptying out the hard work to complete the work of "the artist who has devoted all her life's training her breath to expressing her will." She has been walking through the process of performing for a long time with only the guts and dignity of art. Her first show was in Paris. Many people were fascinated by the work of the artist and then discovered the excellence of the work. This exhibition is an expression of her desire to convey that feeling to people in Korea, my promise to welcome you again, and my gratitude to those who became my collectors at the time. We hope you will be immersed in the world of solid, original and captivating works by the artist. “ Ko Song Hwa

5- Les ondes, Huile sur toile, 65 x 92cm, 2022 (30호).jpg
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