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아트살롱드아씨 개관프로젝트
<Art salon de H 와 파리 친구들> Part 3Part 3, this group exhibition is held with 5 Korean artists living in France Hong Il Hwa, Park in-hyuk, Park Woo-jeong, Choi Hyun-ju, and Hoon Moro. They are middle-aged artists in their 40s and 50s who belong to the Korean Association SONAMU and are active in the French and European art scene.

" I think the artist’s work has several layers of skin. A simplified eye or a camera can only see the top shell, but the eye of the mind's eye senses can see inside that shell, hidden layers of anguish, of erasure and redrawing, and if you take a picture of the works of artists of the past with the current X-ray technology, you can see a lot of images or lines in it. The masterpieces of Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Rembrandt and many others are thought to have come out of this process." 

                                 Park In Hyuk

《표피, 하나 혹은 다섯》
8월 11일부터 9월 27일
Vue groupshow.jpg

The artist is can be seen as a molding artist who deeply combines nature, humans, and space to perfectly harmonize them in everyday life.

"Humans cannot leave nature, the root and source, and they have an infinite relationship," the author says.


Based on my experience as an architect and designer, I have been taking on a bold challenge to redefine our relationship with art by introducing works that combine sculpture and functionality into the world since 2014. Hoon Moreau, who wants art and everyday life to become one through functional sculpture that contains the breath of nature, gives a ray of positive light in the life of modern people that is becoming uniform. The exhibition features two wall sculptures from the earth and Space series and two croquis from the New Horizon series.


Park Woo-Jung is a fashion photographer, but his material is in various forms of nature. His "still life" pictures, which are themed on flowers, are gradually expressed in abstract form from their original form. Watching the change until the flowers bloom, the journey of exploring the boundary between life and death began with the question of what the author was dying of or living a different form of life.

the artist’s still life work conveys the subtle changes of various flowers in the space, and sensationally conveys the moments of birth and disappearance in the way of our lives. The artist’s journey as an artist comes to us with a unique perspective that beautifully captures the flow of life and death found through flowers.

Gray Landscape, 24x35cm, 2023 -3.jpg

In-hyuk Park recreates an abstract landscape and sensory landscape of unknown colors with oil pastels or air brosh in gray tones. Landscape is the most common and common theme for writers from the past to the present.


His latest work is a scene of body language in action. This is indicated by the overlap of many lines, and by the overlap of colors and colors (colors and colors) as if they were flowing in a liquid state. It creates rhythm and energy.


For Choi, the cube is « a unique world and an ideal space to give stability and spread the imagination ». The artist was very interested in materiality (matérialité), which is considered an essential stage in art. What the author wants is eternity. To perpetuate the aesthetics of his installation, she detailed the cube using a perspective on colored grid paper.

In a recent drawing work, a cascade of past memories is superimposed on a road map « Carte de route » that had been discovered by chance. Her interest in the past has created an ecosystem of memories that is formed by combining spatial and temporal nature, and through this, it attempts to comfort and heal us.

2)번 파일 _최현주.jpg

Hong Il Hwa depicts a forest that restores itself every day on a land that has lost its vitality due to the providence of nature or human destruction. He strives to express and show us the ever-changing and evolving natural landscape. Humans are separated and conflicted in a dichotomous way, but nature emphasizes that they are living on each other. In particular, he lived in Jeju's Wonsirim, Gotjawal, and captured the ecology of the forest in his works.


For the artist life has a reason for dignity and there is no life that is not worth existence. In addition, through their experience of pollution and destruction of the ecological environment, humans are on the contrary working to restore the ecosystem of nature and the earth, and they are conveying the message that the future of the earth is only possible when nature and people co-exist.

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