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Wui Young Hye & Shin Sook
〈Dream on paper〉
April 2nd - April 30th, 2024

Duo Exhibition < Part 3 of the Art Salon de H Gallery >  

종이의 꿈_초대.png

For this new exhibition duo show part 3, the gallery invites two artists who use painting to express their quest for personal meaning. These works are an opportunity to question the value of art and what it brings to our lives. The work of these two artists of abstract painting, play with the ambiguity of images to reveal a discreet metaphor of the traces left by life. The works of Sook Shin and Wui Young Hye bridge between us and our beliefs about our own existence, whether it comes from nature or an imperceptible world.. And if we question the world that welcomes us, we must first observe and question nature and its beauty. How is it connected and what are the links that unite the living in this fragile nature that never ceases to resist time and regenerate to infinity? To translate this fragility, it is through the use of paper that each of these two artists expresses themselves. Because paper allows energetic handling on a delicate material.

Like living beings, whose path subconsciously crosses that of nature that surrounds it every day, the works of this exhibition remind us of their precious existence and the energy that brings us. “The Universe” is the key word of this exhibition that gives us the opportunity to question ourself through a thoughtful walk.       Lisa Lebel

신현숙 Shin Sook
3,Eternité, 100x100cm, 캔버스에 화선지반죽,먹,아크릴물감, 2020년.jpg

신현숙, 3 Eternité, 100x100cm,

캔버스에 화선지반죽,먹,아크릴물감, 2020

Shin Sook, who majored in Korean painting, attended France, retaining the fineness and silence of Hanji and the aesthetic sensitivity of the margins. Folding the various visual media of the West, exploring the relationship between Korean beauty and Western contemporary art and formatively harmonious expression is the journey of her work. The artist kneads the hanji, attaches it to the canvas, and paints it with prey and water-based colors. The texture of the shaded horseshoe adds depth and maximizes the visual effect of the objectivity. 
11,Eternité, 65x54 cm, 캔버스에 화선지에,먹,아크릴물감,색연필, 2021년.jpg

신현숙 ,11,Eternité, 65x54 cm, 캔버스에 화선지에,먹,아크릴물감,색연필, 2021년

위영혜 Wui Young Hye

Wii Young Hye tears the paper into several shapes, paints it, collages it, and fills the screen with volume. Irregular pieces of paper accidentally, randomly intersect, reminding of the shape of the grass, entangled branches, etc., revealing images of wild forests, colorful bouquets, and fields full of dancing flowers.

The torn words of paper are transferred and completed by the artist's accidental, leading and dense work, in the form of a solid image that gives vitality and energy.

< In the dreamy shapes, the color and shape of the center leads to the birth of another color and form around it. Objects become interlocked, connected, and expanded. Coincidence repeats, and at some point it becomes inevitable and is connected like fate. I would like to say this is ‘ a true encounter ’.> Wui Young Hye

위영혜, 절실한 만남- X  116.8x91cm  

Mixed media on canvas  2020

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