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Han Hongsu
〈De la Nature〉
Octobre 5th - November 4th, 2023

Duo Exhibition < Part 2 of the Art Salon de H Gallery >  

Heo Wook and and Bang Eunkyum artist's < Jeomjeomjem Dadada > Exhibition runs from February 27 to March 27.


The exhibition 점점점 다다다 brings together two artists whose relationship with painting revolves around repetition. 
Heo Wook and Bang Eunkyum exhibit at the gallery a serie of paintings that seem to have no borders with the space that housed them. The two artists play with the space on the canvas which they cover with curves and lines for one, strange repetitive forms for the other. Each takes on a unique theme that forms a colorful and energetic exhibition. 

허욱 Heo Wook
Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 2.46.21 PM.png
After graduating from Les Beaux-Arts de Paris, Heowook continues to draw attention not only in the country, but also abroad, such as New York, London, Sydney and Beijing, through solo exhibitions, projects and group exhibitions. Public art with the National Modern Art Museum
On behalf of the work, he is working on the Argument Art Museum project, a collaboration with companies. 
He has discovered and studied the way of ‘ Attachment ’ in his work. ( Jeom 점 ) "The addition" of Heowook means ‘ plus ’ and ‘ to add ’. The artist's workshop creates unique formative elements with various colors on the canvas, the boundary and side between the straight line and the curve. The artist asks the audience about the limits of space and matter by dismantling the form of his repeated paintings again.

허욱, 첨첨(添添) 202237. 
2022.  Acrylic on Canvas, 65×80cm

The happiest moment as a writer is the moment of drawing a starting line at the end of the "edge-based boundary". 
Actions that follow boundaries and limits reveal repetition and differences, and can constantly create new ‘ things ’ build by our imagination.
"Drawing a line like a border, starting line, or connecting line does not mean that it is blocked, but it means that it is immediately dismantled and open. I would like to say that the line that draws with one space, body, or spirit is not subjectivity, but subjectivity, objectivity and not instantaneous subjectivity, < open line >. " - Heo Wook notes-
Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 2.48.56 PM.png

허욱, 첨첨(添添) 202115. 
2021.  Acrylic on Canvas, 50×122cm

Cheomcheom202406m-8, Acrylic on canvas, 37.9x45.5cm,2024.jpg

허욱, Cheomcheom202406m-8, Acrylic on canvas, 37.9x45.5cm,2024

"옛날 작업 과정을 거슬러 기억해보자면, 처음에 곡선 드로잉을 많이 했다. 이후 평면을 넘어 반입체 캔버스작업을 하며 첨첨 방식을 스스로 발견하고 접목시켰다. '첨첨'의 세계를 확장해 나갔고 작업에 매료되었다. 작가로서 확신이 들었다.
시간이 흐른 후, 나의  무한 성장의 결과물인 추상적 이미지 말고 관람객에게 친근한 오브제, 잡지나 이미지 사진 (정물화, 누드. 자동차, 피아노, 바이올린, 물체 등등), 신문 매체 등, 주변의  일상적인 어떤것이든 모두 받아들이면서 첨첨 방식으로 모두 새롭게 탈바꿈하는 시도를 해보았고 작품으로 선보여도 좋겠다고 느꼈다. 아마도 결정적인 계기는 제품 회사에서 콜라보 제안을 했을 때, 상업적인 제품과 작품적인 작업을 결합해야 했던 그때였던 것 같다.  이를 계기로 다양하게 여러 방향으로 꾸준히 시도했다. 최근에는 그것이 발전하면서 바탕인 곡선이 재변모해서 직선으로 첨첨하는 것을 시도했고 개인적으로 마음에 든다. 
한편 또 다른 캐릭터 등 일상 속 친근한 이미지를 재해체하면서 '첨첨'하게 되었다. "
- 작가 노트 -
​방은겸 Bang Eunkyum

Bang Eunkyum, fills the space by vigorously repeating the shape of a round apple on the canvas.  After studying in France, she is known as a painter who draws apples and banana, adding a new meaning to drawing a rotten and fragile apple on the table that she witness by chance.
For the artist, apology is a universe with an infinite form and a way of expression that communicates with the world. It is hidden, and the image seen when you get close and step back a few steps can understand that the writer is trying to send us a message.

Isn't this a homage to the quest and circulation of the universe that surrounds us?


방은겸, 노란노랑,40x40cm,아크릴및글리터, 2023

 사과의 무한한 변신은 “자가치유”이자 마술적 경험의 과정입니다. 사과를 집중적으로 그리지만 단순히 사과만을 그리는 것이 아닌 “사과”를 통해 세상을 바라보게 됩니다...나는 무엇을 발견해서 그림으로 그리는게 아니라 무언가를 또 깨닫고 알아가기위해 사과를 그립니다.
- 작가노트 -


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