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Hyun Jeung 정현

Hyun Jeung is a printmaker and ceramist. Wood engraving is a printmaking and letterpress printing technique, in which the artist makes the image or matrix of images into a block of wood. In her series of impressions made by wood engraving, she plays with colors to make each work a unique piece of art from the nature. In a subtle manner she adds a hint of calligraphy, Korean texts are engraved in a metal plate. Hyun Jeung learnt Chinese calligraphy when she was a child, and started to enjoy the method of repetition. That’s why the art of Hyun Jeung meets the relation with life and repetition.The work of Hyun Jeung is a work of delicacy. Through the line and the gesture, the natures shows her fragility. The artist get inspired by the by the beauty of the changing seasons that bring with it the rebirth of flowers. And so, in Hyun Jeung works you can witness the beauty of the nature. As every flower is unique, each individual print is subtly different, as the artist varies the inks used each time. 

project5 정현1.jpg

개인전 (solo exhibition)

2023      Museum of drawings and original prints, Gravelines, France

2022      Museum of Asian Arts, Toulon, France

2019      Galerie 67, Village Suisse, Paris France

2019      Galerie Impressions, Paris, France

2017      Galerie Impressions, Paris, France

2016      Espace Imagin, Carthage, Tunisia

2016      Galerie Impressions, Paris, France

2015      Mokspace, London, UK

2014      Mokspace, London, UK

2013      Galerie l'échiquier, Paris, France

2012      Mokspace, London, UK

2012      Espace Imagin, Carthage, Tunisia

2012      Galerie Impressions, Paris, France

2011       Galerie Impressions, Paris, France

2009     Espace Imagin, Carthage, Tunisia

2007     Galerie l'Article, Paris, France

2006     Maison des arts, Conches, France

2006     Galerie l'Oeil du Huit, Paris, France

2003     Galerie Impressions, Paris, France

2002     La Galerie d'Art, Aérogare d'Orly Ouest, France

2000     Galerie Bernanos, Paris, France

2000     Dongwon gallery, Daegu, Korea

​단체전 (group show selection)

2023     Dongwon Galerie, Daegu, Korea

2023     Osaka Kansai International Art Festival, Gallery Jeon, Osaka, Japan

2022     Daegu International Art Fair, Dongwon gallery, Daegu, Korea

2021      Galerie 89, Echange Corée - Japon LIEN, Paris, France

2017      Centre Culturel Coréen, Washington DC, USA

2017      FenYedi, La Marsa, Tunisie

2017      Galerie l'Oeil du Huit, Paris, France

2016     Art Mora gallery, NYC, USA

2015     Séoul - Paris - Séoul, Mairie du 8e, Paris, France

2013      Mokspace, London, UK

2011      Journée de l'estampe, Paris, France

2008     Galerie Artyshow, La Marsa, Tunisia

2007     Galerie Michèle Broutta, Paris (GRAV'X 2007), France

2005     Biennale de Senlis, France

2003     Le mois de l'estampe à Paris, France

2002     Hôtel de Ville de Paris, Salon des Artistes de la Mairie de Paris, France

2001      Centre Culturel Coréen, Paris, France

2001     Le mois de l'estampe à Paris 2001, France

1997     Galerie Michèle Broutta, Paris, France

1995     Galerie Michèle Broutta, Paris (GRAV'X 1995), France


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